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The Bigger. The More Complex. The Better.

Vitruvi™ excels at managing telecommunication construction projects with numerous locations, multiple collaborators & contractors, and a challenging array of moving parts.

Project Awareness

No more guesswork, or making decisions using old or incomplete data. Real time progress and resource updates keep you informed up to the minute.

Collaboration Tools

Vitruvi™ brings together our advanced web & mobile platform to create unmatched connectivity and communication between your front office and the field.

Decision Making

Combine real-time reporting with Vitruvi’s powerful analytic reports to improve productivity, accountability and decision making at every step.


Helping Leaders Connect

Meet the companies that are building smarter with Vitruvi™.

Seamless Integration – From Conception to Completion.


Upload and import GIS
designs from any platform.


Integrates all resource &
schedule management.


Link GIS design elements
in one place.


Measure and compare
crew performance.


View real-time status
on any project.


Create and manage


View budgets as
they’re updated.


Simplify field updates with
the Vitruvi mobile platform.


One platform to reconcile A/P,
A/R and assess project costs.


Get real-time schedule,
progress and budget updates
from the field.


Accurate, Automated Estimating.

You enter the project parameters. Vitruvi™ calculates the costing and scheduling of labour, materials and incrementals. It is as accurate and thorough as the most seasoned estimator. Vitruvi’s advanced AI provides detailed oversight to ensure nothing is missed or overlooked.

We Know Software. More Importantly, We Know the
Business of Telecom Infrastructure Construction

Our leadership team has worked for some of North America’s biggest telecommunication companies, and most complex network projects. We’ve been in your shoes. We created Vitruvi to deliver greater collaboration, planning, predictability and accountability to projects of scale – and to bring greater productivity and profitability to your company.

Zouheir Mansourati, PhD
Rob Hansen
Bruno Calzetta Larrieu

Discover how Vitruvi™ can help you manage twice the projects in half the time.

Integrates with Your Existing Systems

Vitruvi™ brings together all budgeting, scheduling, project design and accounting data from your existing software and spreadsheets into a single platform. All relevant project information and updates can now be securely accessed by key stakeholders. Anywhere. At any time.

Vitruvi™ is compatible with all leading software platforms, including:

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