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April Feature Updates

Posted by James LaRiviere on May 1, 2019 2:32:21 PM


The latest release of Vitruvi™ covers a number of key features, including a new Permissions module, a new Pay Item type, and many other great capabilities.
Take Workspace security into your own hands

Control what information your users see and edit with our simple, checkbox-based permissions page.

  • Check off anything you want visible, and leave blank anything you don’t - it’s that easy.
  • Maintain strong privacy between yourself, your client, and your subcontractors.
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More ways to get paid

Use Deliverable Pay Items to group Labor or Materials together and bill them under one price.

  • Collections of related Pay Items can be priced uniquely as an aggregate than each is individually.
  • Add Deliverable Pay items to Invoices just like you would any other Pay Item.
  • New Pay Item Sidebar lets you see all Work Items on a Deliverable Pay Item.
 April - Screenshot - 2 -825px
Detailed Invoice data at your fingertips

Invoices now show more financial information when you need it most.

  • Download Invoices in any status to keep up-to-date records of drafts.
  • “Detailed View” button on an Invoice summary reveals pricing details for each Pay Item.
  • Edit Disputed Invoices to bring them up to snuff, and track any edits that were made.

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Curious to learn more about all of Vitruvi's feature's? Book a demo today. 

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